“I contacted Noona as I was keen to elevate my business to the next level. Noona’s coaching over the past few weeks has been invaluable. She spent some time looking at my business model and in a short timeframe, has completely transformed my mindset, improved my work processes and totally revolutionised my time management. Most importantly, I have also seen a 25 percent increase in my invoicing. Thanks to Noona, my confidence has grown exponentially and I am now equipped with the tools to know exactly what I need to do going forward. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”


“Noona brings out the best in you and inspires self-love and positive thoughts. Noona is a wonderful caring soul who really listens, and aims to get to the root of the issue. She exudes such positive energy and wisdom to life’s challenges. Noona helped me approach and tackle issues in a different way and believe in myself.”


“My thoughts are a lot clearer and I feel like I have more control over my thoughts,emotions and behaviour. I’ve already recommended her. I have an under confident and anxious best friend who I think will do really well after these sessions.”


“I was very nervous about the coaching call but by the time we had finished Noona had made me feel so relaxed, she had asked what I wanted to get from the coaching and to be open and honest with her.

Noona got me to see myself in a completely different way, I guess sometimes it takes someone else to make you realise that only you can change your mindset and the way that you want people to see you.

Thank you Noona, you really did help put things into perspective for me, especially once the tears had stopped!”


“Noona is such a wise and intuitive coach. She was able to listen without judgement and ask the right questions at the right time, very quickly and easily and help me make sense of my chaotic life and mind. She has a gentle authoritative nature that I love, as she helped me implement useful strategies to take action immediately in order to change my life. I am extremely grateful I received her guidance at a time in my life that I needed most. She helped me become aware of my self sabotaging habits and shifted my perspective from victim to victor mentality. I wouldn’t hesitate to book in a session with her!”


“I came to Noona during a very tough year in the middle of the pandemic. I have 3 young children ranging from an early teen to age 8, and a husband who has been shielding & suffering from anxieties. I run my own small business with pressures from all directions like many of us working parents, life became very hard to cope and it got to a point where there were a good few days I couldn’t get out of bed or didn’t care about anything, I started to search online what depression feels like because I had never experienced it. The relationship between my eldest daughter & I was so strained that I couldn’t look her in the eye & I couldn’t stand the sight of her. I was miserable to be with, shouting at everyone regularly & I couldn’t remember the last time I felt happy. There were very bad thoughts that scared me also that I knew I needed help imminently.

Noona has completely transformed my thoughts after our 3 months treatment, and in every situation which I find difficult, she has a very caring & understanding insight to help you see and experience that emotion from a different light, a positive angle with amazing reasoning. She is very personable and you feel like you are talking to a friend whom you have known all you life and you just want to go on and talk for hours because each issues you discuss with her you feel better afterwards and no longer lost, thanks to her extremely professional approach.

Things don’t change overnight and that’s why a 3 months course is important because you gradually adapt a new way of applying your thoughts, taking better control over your actions or lack of. If you are in any doubt about yourself, your future or feeling sad or lost, I hope you will join Noona’s journey, because she will absolutely be there for you and guide you. I feel less lonely and have support knowing that I can talk through any struggles that pop up. My children are calmer because I have adjusted my approach towards many things, they now even make fun of my husband when he is stressed – ‘you need to be Noona-ed’!”


“Noona has been in my network for some time and has supported me previously with recruitment. When Noona said she was becoming a coach I knew this would be an excellent move.

Noona delivered workshops for me at masafi and we got excellent feedback with 1-1 coach for some senior staff and has been highly recommended by all. Noona is a pleasure to deal with and puts her clients at the forefront of everything she does.”


“Noona ran one of her mentoring sessions for us here at Publicis Media Dubai and it was one of the most engaging sessions we have had at our company. Noona’s approach to coaching is all about the mindset and the feedback we received from employees afterwards was that they were inspired to take control of their own lives to achieve their ultimate goals, both in their professional and personal lives. Some even continued on to take 1:1 coaching with her. Highly recommend Noona for your individual or corporate needs. You will leave the session feeling like you can take on the world!”


“When I quit my corporate job and started off as an entrepreneur, I needed a lot of support and guidance. I engaged with Noona Nafousi for a 1:1 executive coaching. During the 3 months we worked together I was able to see marked change in my thinking which translates into actions and eventually better outcomes. I was amazed the conversation was not just about models and exercises but also about business priorities and action-oriented feedback. I made good progress personally and in business. I would highly recommend Noona to my friends and family when they are going through big changes in their personal and career front.”


“I was lucky enough to be coached by Noona. In such a short space of time they were insightful, enlightening and uplifting. They offered me a new perspective on areas in my life that I’d previously struggled with. The work together was both manageable and achievable, it undoubtedly changed my perspective in the most wonderful of ways with lots of useful tips and pointers to guide me in my everyday life.”


“I’ve always been naturally pessimistic about anything related to self-improvement or self-empowerment. I was convinced with the narrative I had created that I don’t have problems or issues in my life, therefore therapy or life-coaching is not for me. It’s for others. My upbringing also taught me not to talk openly of such problems, to keep them to yourself. Any such issues were a sign of weakness.

When I realised this narrative was wrong, that I do have problems in my life, that I can share them and I do want to resolve them, I had to consider what help was possible, external to support from family and friends. This is what led me to sign up with Noona. I have marriage problems to solve, career worries, financial woes and deep rooted addictive and self-destructive behaviour. I am not expecting Noona to provide quick and easy remedies for all of these, but having committed to taking the first step and signing up to her programme after the initial consultation, I am feeling far more positive about myself, my future and how to live my life in the best way.

Noona’s professional demeanour, her calm and confident approach and her ability to understand macro-to-micro life problems, all play very well into creating a new narrative for myself, based on the truth, based on an awareness of how the brain is wired and why we choose to act or behave in certain ways. I’m at the beginning of a long process but I am so happy that Noona is part of that, so I can wholeheartedly recommend her and testify to her professional capability.”


“Noona motivated me to continue working on myself. I would say that it’s very easy, comfortable and pleasant to work with you. You have a special power or magic which makes old things new, what I mean by this is that I looked at things a bit differently, though I already knew what areas I needed to work on. Now I want to start to look after myself and love myself, when before I was the facilitator for everyone around me.”


“Working with Noona was very insightful. I now have awareness of my daily thoughts and thinking patterns, and that by itself helps changing old patterns and I now know how to seed new thoughts. Noona is amazing :). I wish I met her earlier, things are much clearer now, I can see how I can take myself forward. Whenever I am in a situation, I can see what stories I am telling myself about it and assess if they are still serving me or not, then if it is not I now have the tools to tell new stories that serve me.”


“Noona inspired me to invest in myself; her ability to tap into the patterns in my life and recognise how my thoughts and fears were holding me back. She made me feel incredibly comfortable yet almost immediately, she was able to uncover truths I had previously been afraid to acknowledge; and most importantly, have a plan of action of how to heal and grow beyond this. Her methods, with me, were based on neuroplasticity exercises to promote a positive mindset and mental strength. Noona holds me accountable for my growth, teaching me that I hold the key to my success. I love working with her.”


“I wasn’t sure what to expect with my session but Noona was excellent at making me feel comfortable even in a virtual environment – it was just very easy to chat to her.

In a short space of time, Noona was able to identify root causes of surface problems and forced me to dig deep and recognise what I was feeling. Noona gave me valuable insights and a new perspective on looking at issues I was facing.

Most importantly, I came away from the session with the tools to help me overcome my challenges and a new enthusiasm for growth.

This is an exercise we all need to do. Highly recommend.”


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