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Discover Your Leadership Blindspot

Are you neglecting these 3 critical aspects of managing sales managers?


No it’s not a KPI or Strategy issue

Free Masterclass – Tuesday 2nd April – 4pm GST | 1pm BST

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This masterclass is for you if you:


Want More Sales: You aim to push your team to break their own sales records every month.


Need Fewer Problems: You wish your managers would handle issues themselves instead of always coming to you when sales targets aren’t met.


Have a Tough Top Seller: You’re stuck managing a great seller who’s causing team issues.


Wish for Excited Managers: You want your sales managers to look forward to coming to work and inspire their teams to do better every day.

If you’re ready to boost your sales, solve team issues, and get your managers fired up, this is the masterclass you can’t afford to miss.

What you will learn:

Tactics for Increased Sales: Practical steps to drive your team toward breaking monthly sales records consistently.

Confidence in Leadership: Identify specific reasons you may feel hesitant and learn clear, actionable methods to boost your confidence and decision-making skills.

Bold Action Blueprint: Discover exact strategies for asserting yourself as a leader and making impactful moves that lead to real team progress.

Effective Team Motivation: Concrete tools and techniques to inspire your sales managers and their teams, leading to improved performance and enthusiasm.

Powerful tips to use confidence and leadership in all areas in your life.

Noona Nafousi

About Me

As an Executive Career Coach with a focus on personal development, I help leaders to increase the performance of their team.

Specializing in brain training, blind spots, self-belief, and the power of the mind, I provide actionable strategies to achieve significant revenue increases in teams.

Join this masterclass to discover the 3 secrets to leading a sales team so that you can help them hit their targets every month!

“I went from feeling overwhelmed and out of touch with my team to being the leader I always aspired to be. The change has been phenomenal.”


“I’ve been to many leadership webinars, but this one provided actionable insights that I could immediately implement. My team and I couldn’t be more grateful.”


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Tuesday 2nd April – 4pm GST | 1pm BST

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