Neo Noor corporate workshops are the perfect option for businesses who want to transform their teams’ efficiency, motivation & happiness.

They are specifically designed to help your people find common goals, gain clarity on their own personal and professional values, and motivate them to fall back in love with the work they are doing.

Corporate Efficiency Workshops

Improving performance & profitability

Has your business hit a plateau that it can’t seem to break through?

Are you looking for ways to bolster your bottom line without overworking your team?

Neo Noor Efficiency Workshops will help your team to zoom out and objectively assess your performance in a safe space. We work with you to banish that fear of failure that has quietly crept into your business, empowering you to trust your own decisions and actions once more, and helping you to find the hidden pockets of profit within your business.

What Will We Work On?


Empowering your team to make impactful decisions with confidence


Encouraging them to seek opportunities for self-development both in and out of the office


Developing a culture of radical responsibility instead of shifting blame between departments/peers


Creating a space where feedback is invited, constructive, and is actioned effectively


Implementing a deep sense of individual and collective self-belief amongst colleagues


Building a leadership team that actively seeks growth & embraces change

You’ve tried the fluffy advice you found online, but nothing seemed to stick.

You want actionable tasks and accountability from someone who has been there and done it.

You’re prepared to do what it takes to elevate your business to the next level.

Book a free chemistry call below to see if we’d be a good fit for your business.

“Noona ran one of her mentoring sessions for us here at Publicis Media Dubai and it was one of the most engaging sessions we have had at our company. Noona’s approach to coaching is all about the mindset and the feedback we received from employees afterwards was that they were inspired to take control of their own lives to achieve their ultimate goals, both in their professional and personal lives. Some even continued on to take 1:1 coaching with her. Highly recommend Noona for your individual or corporate needs. You will leave the session feeling like you can take on the world!”


Corporate Wellness Workshops

Creating a happier & healthier workforce

Have you noticed team morale starting to dwindle?

Are you struggling to instil genuine passion into your people?

Profitability in business is crucial. But it should never come at the sanity or the health of your team. Neo Noor Wellbeing Workshops are designed to create a safe space for your people to open up about their passions, and filter those positive emotions into the work they are doing. We provide actionable advice, tasks and techniques that you can all implement to foster a happier and healthier work environment.

What Will We Work On?


How to regulate your nervous system in times of stress


How to identify triggers and manage your responses


How to identify stress in others, and what you can do to help


How to prevent burnout


How slowing down can actually make you more efficient


How to ask for help from others before things go too far

You know that your team deserves to be happy and enjoy the work they do.

You want to show them how much you care.

But you’re already juggling a thousand things, and you’re worried that if you don’t address this soon, you may lose some of your best people.

Book a free chemistry call below to see if we’d be a good fit for your business.

“Noona has been in my network for some time and has supported me previously with recruitment. When Noona said she was becoming a coach I knew this would be an excellent move. Noona delivered workshops for me at masafi and we got excellent feedback with 1-1 coaching for some senior staff and has been highly recommended by all. Noona is a pleasure to deal with and puts her clients at the forefront of everything she does.”



Is your training done over Zoom or face-to-face?

Both. Each method is equally as effective.

What makes Neo Noor corporate coaching unique?

We’ve conducted over 14,000 hours of 1:1 interviews and are experts on the topics of human behaviour and motivation. Our methods are always based on data, evidence and first-hand experience.

Can we hire you to carry out bespoke training to our company needs?

Absolutely. Please send us message or book a call and let us know what you need.

Do you do succession planning?

Yes – we can conduct interviews with your senior management and provide full assessments for the suitability of any upcoming leadership roles.

What type of companies does Neo Noor work with?

We only work with companies that value their workforce. Return on investment is important for any business, but isn’t achieved by giving your teams more work or higher KPIs. It’s done by genuinely engaging and empowering your existing people to care about the work they are doing, and encouraging them to live happier lives in and out of the office. That’s exactly what we help you to achieve.