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Bespoke 1:1, group or corporate coaching for high-flying executives looking to reignite their passion, reconnect with themselves, and reclaim who they were meant to be.

Noona Nafousi

Hi, I’m Noona

As the Founder and Lead Coach here at Neo Noor, I work with extraordinary executives, teams & organisations who recognise that they have not yet reached their full potential.

As a life coach and Master NLP certified trainer, I help you shed the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back both personally and professionally, and guide you through developing deeper relationships with yourself, your colleagues, your loved ones, and your work.

It’s time to redirect the energy that you have been spreading so thinly over all these years, regain clarity on your true purpose, and build a life you love and deserve.

Work With Us

You can choose to work with us in a range of different ways. If you’re not sure which would be best for you, please do get in touch and we can discuss your options.

Executive Coaching

Designed for Director level and C-Suite professionals who have already achieved great things professionally, but are at a crossroads and don’t know which path to take.

Corporate Workshops

Neo Noor corporate workshops are the perfect option for businesses who want to transform their teams’ efficiency, motivation & happiness. 

1:1 Coaching

Neo Noor 1:1 Coaching is designed for individuals who are ready to take radical responsibility for their emotions and behaviours to achieve the life they deserve.

“Noona is such a wise and intuitive coach. She was able to listen without judgement and ask the right questions at the right time, very quickly and easily and help me make sense of my chaotic life and mind. She has a gentle authoritative nature that I love, as she helped me implement useful strategies to take action immediately in order to change my life. I am extremely grateful I received her guidance at a time in my life that I needed most. She helped me become aware of my self sabotaging habits and shifted my perspective from victim to victor mentality. I wouldn’t hesitate to book in a session with her!”


“When I quit my corporate job and started off as an entrepreneur, I needed a lot of support and guidance. I engaged with Noona Nafousi for 1:1 executive coaching. During the 3 months we worked together I was able to see marked change in my thinking which translates into actions and eventually better outcomes. I was amazed the conversation was not just about models and exercises but also about business priorities and action-oriented feedback. I made good progress personally and in business. I would highly recommend Noona to my friends and family when they are going through big changes in their personal and career front.”


“Noona ran one of her mentoring sessions for us here at Publicis Media Dubai and it was one of the most engaging sessions we have had at our company. Noona’s approach to coaching is all about the mindset and the feedback we received from employees afterwards was that they were inspired to take control of their own lives to achieve their ultimate goals, both in their professional and personal lives. Some even continued on to take 1:1 coaching with her. Highly recommend Noona for your individual or corporate needs. You will leave the session feeling like you can take on the world!”


Speaker Opportunities

Would you like to book our CEO Noona as a speaker?

Noona regularly deliver keynotes, workshops and motivational speeches to groups and businesses of all sizes across the world. If you have an upcoming event and you would like to discuss a speaking slot, please do get in touch.

Noona covers a range of topics from business strategy, confidence, motivation, empowerment, mindset & workplace wellbeing.


Illuminating Leadership

Download the guide now and begin to decode your patterns, so you can lead not only with confidence but with clarity and recognition you rightly deserve.